Our Story

Helping Other’s Find Balance Through Nature’s Impeccable, Organic Ingredients

Glenn’s personal mission has always been to help others self-heal the way nature intended. He has a passion for helping others seek balance of spirit, mind and body through a light and therapeutic menu.

It is his goal to generate funds through Certified Hieronymus® sales to start a non-profit organization and develop trust funds to help children experience healthy lives. Assistance for the children will be provided through natural balancing techniques integrating with appropriate health care providers.

Captain Glenn—In His Own Words

“My recipe for Captain Glenn’s Life Elixir Wellness Tea has an interesting past. It extends back to when I was a child in rural Kentucky. My grandmother, Granny Hi, was known for making wild-crafted healing teas and tonics. I would often accompany her on horse back when she would administer her tea to sick and ailing people. She taught me how to create potent healing formulas, which could treat a variety of ailments.

During my time in the United States Navy, I suffered a near-death experience resulting in extensive health problems, years later diagnosed as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Remembering the herbal formulas of Granny Hi, I used them to heal and rejuvenate myself. With a renewal of health, I was able to pass a rigorous first-class flight physical and become a well-respected international airline pilot.

Even as a pilot, I was refining a formula for an elixir tea. I would often give samples of this tea to friends. They always asked for more. With such positive feedback about this tea, I knew I was on to something. Then, in 2003, my family moved to Colorado to assist with the care of my father’s widow who was suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. Through the introduction of a therapeutic menu and a steady intake of elixir tea, she not only improved but stabilized. Her change of condition caught the attention of numerous health care professionals, including Dr. Paul Bell – an Alzheimer’s researcher and former director of the Center for Aging at Colorado State University. With the urging of friends and various health care professionals I decided to offer my elixir tea to the public, naming it Captain Glenn’s Life Elixir™ Wellness Tea.”

Users of Captain Glenn’s Life Elixir Wellness Tea have reported:

  • Increased sense of well being
  • Improved mental clarity (noted frequently by Fort Lewis college students in Durango, CO during their exams)
  • Eliminated hot flashes
  • Enhanced male potency and stamina
  • Healthy anti-aging
  • Reversal of gray hair
  • Eliminated anxiety
  • Increased ambition